[Is it poisoned by eating bayberry]_Poisoning_ 圣 生 梅

[Is it poisoned by eating bayberry]_Poisoning_ 圣 生 梅

Excessive weather will seriously affect everyone’s appetite and make people lose their appetite.

Bayberry has the effect of relieving heat and relieving annoyance, appetizing and strengthening the spleen. At this time, taking two capsules will help make people appetite.

But do you know that bayberry is always good for the human body? If it is not handled properly, it may also become a poison, causing human poisoning.

So what are the precautions for eating bayberry?

How to treat poisoning?

First, what to do to eat bayberry poisoning is first to find a way to induce vomiting. If the situation is more serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital immediately.

Detoxification fruits are: cherry is currently recognized as a fruit that can eliminate human toxins and unclean body fluids. It also has a considerable effect on kidney detoxification and has a laxative effect.

In addition, deep purple grapes also have a detoxifying effect, and can help the composition of mucus in the intestine, removing garbage from the liver, intestines, stomach, and kidneys.

Figs are rich in organic acids and various enzymes, which can clear heat and intestines, and have the effects of helping digestion, protecting liver and detoxifying.

Recently, it has been found to have a certain resistance to toxic substances such as sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide.

Apples contain galactose, which is very helpful for detoxification, and its pectin can prevent food from decaying in the intestines.

Dragon fruit tastes sweet and has high nutritional value. It combines the advantages of fruits, flower buds, vegetables, and medicine.

Not only is it rich in nutrition, but also unique in function, there are few pests and diseases, and it can grow normally without using any pesticides.

Dragon fruit is a low-energy fruit with predetermined fiber supplements, weight loss, cholesterol reduction, prevention of constipation, colorectal cancer and other effects, as well as rich fiber, which can prevent constipation.

Consumption of pitaya fruit rich in albumin can avoid the poisoning caused by the absorption of heavy metal ions.

Albumin also has a protective effect on the stomach wall.

In addition, pitaya flowers, fruits, and stems have excellent albumin and excellent stability.

Second, the symptoms of poisoning by eating bayberry poisoning Food poisoning is caused by eating foods rich in toxins. The main symptoms are poisoning diseases such as abdominal pain and vomiting.

The main symptoms of food poisoning are higher than vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, which are acute acute respiratory diseases, and severe cases can be life-threatening due to dehydration, shock, and circulatory failure.

Third, precautions for eating bayberry poisoning 1. Bayberry is prone to parasites. Because bayberry has a unique structure, many fruit flies like to lay eggs in bayberry.

In fact, the method of removing the eggs is very simple. Just soak the bayberry in the salt water for 20 minutes, and then stir it in one direction, then you will find that many eggs are washed out.

2. Bayberry is prone to pesticide residues. In our real life, some fruit farmers often spray pesticides on unripe bayberry in order to increase the yield of bayberry. Due to the unique structure of bayberry, the pesticide sprayed by it will be difficult to volatilize and remain.In bayberry.
What if you want to remove pesticide residues from bayberry?

In fact, it can be soaked in fresh salt water for 20 minutes. At the same time, remember that bayberry must be washed and eaten. If eaten directly, it will be easily infected with bacteria, which will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and even food poisoning.