[Salami seasoning bag]_How to do_How to do

[Salami seasoning bag]_How to do_How to do

In the summer, when the weather is hot, people do n’t like to eat. This is why people will be crazy about barbecue, lochi, and beer. This is just enjoyment.

Sometimes, people feel that eating outside is unhygienic, and they will make lochi and barbecue at home, which will transform the development of society. In order to facilitate cooking, businesses will find a variety of packages, some lochiMaterials, barbecue materials and so on.

People can also make their own lozenge packs.

There are two main types of brine: red and white.

Its flavor is basically the same, it is a compound flavor, it is salty and fresh, and has strong five flavors (the flavors and spices used are basically the same).

Red stewed, sweetened stewed food is golden yellow (brown, such as stewed beef, golden yellow, such as stewed fat intestines, etc.).

White halogen, unsweetened halogen-free food is colorless or natural (white halogen chicken, white halogen beef belly, pork belly, etc.).

Characteristics of halogen: Whether it is white halogen or red halogen, it basically belongs to the specifications of cooking. Because halogen is longer than cooking, it belongs to separate cooking.

It exists in Sichuan cuisine, so braised cabbage is a method of cooking Sichuan cuisine.

It is the most widely used Sichuan cold dish.

Method: The seasoning is spiced with various spices to make brine, and the raw materials are processed into brine, which is suitable for raw materials such as meat, poultry game, aquatic products, vegetables, soy products, etc. Sichuan flavor brine is made by red and white brine.Good food, the process of making Sichuan-style hot dishes and cold dishes is suitable for families, restaurants, restaurants for cooking.

Production process of red and white halogen: seasoning and spices of brine.

Make a pot of standard 12,5 thousand brines.

Seasoning: Sichuan salt 300 g rock sugar 250 g ginger 500 g green onion 300 g cooking wine 100 g chicken essence MSG amount.

Spices: Shannai 30 g star anise 20 g clove 10 g white cardamom 50 g fennel 20 g fragrant leaves 100 g white peony 50 g grass fruit 50 g vanilla 60 g orange peel 30 g cinnamon 80 g simmer 50 g thyme 30 g lemon grass 40Gram row of grass 50 grams dry pepper 50 grams.

Soup ingredients: 3500 grams of chicken skeleton and 1500 grams of red and white brine made from boiled bone: (1) Chicken skeleton.

The pork bones (hammered) are boiled with cold water until they are opened, the blood foam is removed, cleaned with water, refilled with water, put ginger (patted), green onions (left on the roots), apply low heat after boilingSlowly, do not use fierce heat (clear soup with low fire, thick soup with fierce fire).

(2) Sugar-colored frying method: fry with oil.

The rock sugar is first processed into a fine powder. Put some oil in the pan, put the rock sugar powder, and slowly fry over medium heat. When the sugar changes from white to yellow, use a low fire. When the sugar oil is yellow and bubbles, continue away from the fire.Fry (this time must be fast, otherwise it will become bitter, you must master it, you can try it for a while), then get angry and change from yellow to dark brown.

When changing from large to small bubbles, add cold water slightly, and fry over low heat until the taste disappears. It is sugar-colored (sugar color is not sweet, not bitter, golden color) (3) Spices are broken or changed (10 million)Don’t make it thin, change it slightly to avoid affecting the effect) Wrap the knot in a spice bag.

First boil for 5 minutes in boiling water, remove it and place it in the stewed soup, add salt and the right amount of sugar, pepper, and cook with medium and low heat to make the flavor, and make the brine primordial red halo (white halo does not put pepper and sugar, other and spicesAll the same).