[Materials for pregnant chicken stew]_Pregnancy_How to stew

[Materials for pregnant chicken stew]_Pregnancy_How to stew

After pregnancy, pregnant women need more nutrition than usual, mainly because they also need to bear the nutritional requirements of vitamins.

Pregnant women nourish the body. In addition to requiring high nutritional value, easy digestion is also important. Chicken stew has become the best choice.

Generally everyone will make chicken soup, but pregnant women will use more ingredients.

So, what ingredients do pregnant women put in chicken soup?

Let’s take a look below.

Tea tree mushroom stewed chicken Ingredients: chicken, tea tree mushroom auxiliary materials: raw soy sauce, brown sugar, salt, green onion ginger, cumin, star anise, fragrant leaves, cooking wine 1, tea tree mushroom clean, soak in water for one night.

2. Buy the chicken slightly cleaned, chop the chicken into small pieces, blanch with boiling water, and remove it for water control.

3. Remove the old roots of tea tree mushrooms, don’t pour the water for the mushrooms, and keep the spare ones.

4. Prepare onion ginger, cumin leaves and star anise.

5. Heat the wok, add the vegetable oil, and stir-fry the spices.

6. Stir-fry the chicken pieces with water to dry, add a spoonful of brown sugar and stir fry for a while.

7, then add cooking wine and raw stir fry for a while.

8. Pour in the mushroom water, boil and add an appropriate amount of salt and cover for 15 minutes.

9, then add tea tree mushrooms and simmer for about 40 minutes.

10, see the soup is not much, turn off the heat and pan.

Efficacy: Tea tree mushrooms are rich in nutrition and have a protein content of up to 19.

55%, it is delicious, crunchy and delicious, and has better health care. It is one of the delicious and rare edible mushrooms.

Yam stewed chicken soup Yam stewed chicken soup Ingredients: chicken (preferably native chicken), yam, wolfberry seasoning: salt, ginger, cooking wine, shallots 1. After slaughtering the chicken, clean and handle it.

2. The chicken is chopped into small pieces and put in a pot, add enough water and boil.

3, add a spoonful of cooking wine, add ginger slices and green onions.

4. Turn to low heat after boiling, cover, and simmer for about 30 minutes.

(If it is a cast iron pot, the stew soup is more time-saving than the ordinary pot, so use a casserole or other pot to stew the soup. Extend the stewing time.) 5. Peel the yam and cut into small pieces. Add it to the pot and continue to cover the stew. 10About minutes.
6. After the wolfberry is rinsed with water, open the lid and add. Continue to cover for 10 minutes. Open the lid and season with salt.

Efficacy: Chinese yam is sweet, nourishing, not fragrant, and dry. It has a good effect in treating spleen deficiency and diarrhea; it can nourish the body, nourish and strengthen the brain, but also can lose weight and beautify skin.

Carrots, mushrooms, stewed chicken, super nutritious ingredients: chicken, mushrooms, carrots, green pepper seasoning: raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, garlic, ginger 1, prepare ingredients, wash chicken and cut into small pieces.

2. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in warm water and rinse them out. Cut the carrots, green peppers into cubes, ginger slices, and garlic to peel off the skin.

3. Burn oil in the pan and add garlic and ginger to taste.

4. Pour in chicken pieces and stir-fry over high heat.

5, stir-fry until the chicken changes color into raw soy sauce, remove, cooking wine to color.

6. Pour in water, add mushrooms and carrots, boil over high heat, and simmer for about 20 minutes on low heat.

7, then the juice is collected on high fire, add green peppers, add salt, and fry while collecting juice until thick.

Efficacy: Chinese medicine believes that carrots are warm and sweet, and flat in nature.

Carrots have the effects of strengthening the spleen and digesting food, nourishing the liver and eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying, rash, reducing qi and cough.

Shiitake contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. It has a great effect on promoting the metabolism of the human body and improving the fitness of the body. It can also be used for indigestion, constipation and weight loss.